One of our main focuses lies on obstetrics. We gladly look after you during pregnancy, the birth of your child and obviously also the time after birth. All through that time we look forward to answering all the questions you might have. Our midwives are certified lactation consultants and offer home visits after birth.

It is our firm belief that the birth of a child is an exceptional event in the life of a woman and her partner, and that it should be seen as such especially from the accompanying midwives and obstetricians.

Understanding labor and birth as a natural process is of decisive importance, because a healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy unborn child forms a functioning system.

According to the slogan “Less is more!”, our task is to assist the mother-to-be during birth and to supervise the process, because the more we interfere with a self-sufficient system, the more we can unbalance it.

Therefore, we try to avoid routines and rather take decisions step-by-step and individually together with the mother-to-be.

Without any special reason to do so, for example we won’t:

  • Give an enema at the start of birth.
  • Shave the mother-to-be’s pubic hair.
  • Cut an episiotomy.

Our aim is to offer the expectant mothers a safe place where they can calmly give birth. The Hospital HM Nuevo Belen provides us with three delivery rooms that were completely renovated in summer 2013. Each of the rooms is equipped with a birthing pool for water births. Apart from the option of an epidural for pain relief in labor, we have Entonox (gas and air, laughing gas) at our disposition as well.

Should a medical intervention be necessary, then all medical equipment and personnel of the hospital are at our disposition. Pediatricians and anesthesiologists are always on-site. A cesarean section can be performed at any time and the clinic offers a modern neonatal intensive care unit.

Our services

  • Prenatal care.
  • Birth preparation classes by the midwives.
  • Assistance during labour and birth.
  • Cesarean.
  • Postnatal care.
  • Home visits after labor by the midwives.
  • Lactation consultations by the midwives.