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Belén del Consuelo Rico

When it comes to preserving health, it is not enough to only take care of our physical body. Our soul can also be affected.

The idea of psychotherapy is that a patient gets to know his/her self better and learns to understand the causes of an emotional imbalance or why he/she might feel overwhelmed by a stressful situation. Once the source becomes apparent, one can face emotional challenging situations much easier.

When facing a crises, it sometimes might also make sense to reach out for help. Typical situations that require an enormous amount of personal adaptation can be the loss of a family member or a pregnancy, but also changes in ones day-to-day life such as moving to a foreign country, changing jobs or the separation of a longterm life partner can be difficult to handle alone.

Many people have difficulties to accept help in such situations, but it is worth to at least give it a try!