Belén del Consuelo Rico García

16 April, 2019

Belén was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1964, where she also studied sociology and political sciences at the Complutense University. Later, she studied psychoanalysis at the University Pontificia of Comillas.

After many years of working in finance, she felt the strong need for a radical change in her professional life. She decided to leave the business world and to become a psychoanalyst.

Belén considers these years of working as a psychoanalyst and of always being an active member of the European Foundation for Psychoanalysis based in Paris as an important phase in her life of many lectures, conferences and publications… in short: as years of unstoppable personal growth.

Belén sees psychoanalysis as a way to understand one’s life in the context of one’s uniqueness that accompanies us and that also distinguishes us. It helps us to reduce what inhibits us and to maximize what boosts us.

Sharing her personal experience of psychoanalysis, she says that at some point she found herself being on stage of a theater, writing books, integrating, balancing everything and, in summary, enjoying growing personally. Suddenly a whole new world of thus far undiscovered potential for personal achievement appeared.

It seemed that at first psychoanalysis had only been a change in her life, but then it actually turned out to be changing her life.

Belén has been working as a psychotherapist at IWHCM since 2017. She only offers therapy in Spanish.