Jonathan Ahladas

| IWHCM 16 April, 2019

Jonathan was born (1973) and raised in Springfield (Massachusetts USA).

After finishing high school in 1991, he studied sports medicine and sports physiology at the University of Connecticut from which he graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science (BS). Subsequently, Jonathan worked for two years in a physiotherapy practice and a rehabilitation clinic, until he realized that conventional rehabilitation was not his vocation. Therefore, he decided to expand his education and studied at Springfield College (Massachusetts, USA) from 1997 to 2000, where he was awarded the Master of Science (MS) in physiotherapy.

In 2000, Jonathan had the opportunity to work and study directly under the guidance of the Founder of the Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) – a specialized branch of osteopathic manual therapy. It was an experience that has guided and shaped him personally as well as professionally.

The roots of his clinical work are based on the Integrative Manual Therapy, being a unique fusion of osteopathic manual therapy and bioenergetics. Jonathan has expanded and supplemented his training in manual medicine with several complementary healing approaches such as acupuncture, auricular therapy, applied kinesiology, NAET, biomagnetic pair therapy, the Yuen method, Sintergetica and Reiki.

“Orientation – Movement – Balance” are the three principles that Jonathan considers to be the foundation of healing and well-being, and it is the motto on which he bases his activity. He tries to help his patients to go their own way, to use their own potential and achieve their personal goals.

Jonathan has been living and working in Madrid since 2003, and since 2016 he is a member of the team at the IWHCM.

At the IWHCM he applies a combination of the above techniques in order to treat orthopedic problems as well as systemic disorders such as hormonal or emotional imbalance.