There are as many states of health as people, for each person his individual health.

Rudolf Steiner
(*1861; 1925), founder of anthroposophy

On the following pages you will find information about the International Women's Health Center Madrid (IWHCM), our team and our work.

In autumn 2013, the IWHCM was first founded as a holistic-oriented gynecologist's practice. Since then, IWHCM has developed into a multidisciplinary center with the aim to provide integrative care for our patients by offering various services.

Our goal is to provide a high-quality and individualized medicine for our patients. We would like to support you in your efforts to maintain your health and prevent diseases.

If a diagnosis is made that requires medical treatment, we will explain this to you as well as the available therapy options in detail. This is to enable you to make an autonomous decision on how to proceed and how to deal with it. In the field of gynecology, you will find support from the diagnosis to the conclusion of the therapy and, if necessary, also beyond.

Obstetrics is one of our main fields. We will be happy to assist you throughout your pregnancy, in childbirth and, of course, after having given birth as well. During this time, we would like to be your contact for all the questions that may arise in this particular situation. Our midwives are certified lactation consultants and also make home visits after labor and offer lactation consultations.

We cooperate with specialists from different hospitals of the HM group in Madrid, which guarantees you an optimal treatment according to the latest guidelines.

Since we moved into our new practice rooms on Calle Serrano, we have been able to extend our offer to the areas of physiotherapy, osteopathy, psychotherapy and coaching. That allows us to provide even more comprehensive care for our patients.

We also offer various courses such as yoga and pilates for pregnant women, post-natal exercise classes, yoga and pilates for women and various workshops for soon-to-be or recent parents and couples. Further groups and courses are in preparation, and there will soon be a lactation group led by one of our midwifes.

You will find comments on our work under "patient testimonials".

We look forward to seeing you!


Dr. Kamilla Hallier


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