Physiotherapy of the pelvic floor

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A normal functioning pelvic floor supports the lower abdominal organs. It can be consciously activated and thus ensures for example urine continence. If the function of the pelvic floor is compromised, it might lead to urinary problems, lowering of the uterus, various sexual problems and also pain.

In many cases, there is no sudden appearance of the symptoms, but rather a subtle worsening happens. When it comes to the female pelvic floor, we should not forget that pregnancy as well as childbirth are additional stress factors. Therefore it is so important after giving birth to actively strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Many women can't activate their pelvic floor as they have ignored this part of their bodies for years and thereby lost connection with it. Often we can find in the report of a gynecological exam the extended diagnosis "Light urinary stress incontinence" or "weak pelvic floor muscle". In these cases, physiotherapy of the pelvic floor is the correct treatment.

The treatment counts with different approaches, such as working on pelvic floor self-perception, muscle exercises, posture and breathing techniques. Various devices can be applied in the treatment.

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