A knowledge of anatomy is only a dead weight if we do not know how to apply that knowledge with successful skill.

Andrew Taylor Still
(*1828; 1917), founder of osteopathy

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment forming a part of manual medicine. The American doctor Andrew Taylor Still was its founder and the method has since been steadily developed.

The guiding principle of osteopathy is that life is movement. Andrew Still recognized that the body is a unit and all tissues depend on one another. In order to ensure the free functioning of the body, an unrestricted mobility of all tissues of the body is a prerequisite. The body tries to repair disfunctions by itself, but the loss of the natural movement can interfere with the normal blood circulation or the nervous system in such a way that the self-regulating mechanism is blocked and discomfort or pain occurs.

The Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), a further development of the classical manual therapy, is a modern treatment that has its roots in osteopathy.

Specific manual techniques have an effect on all body structures such as muscles, fascia, but also internal organs and hormone centers.

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