The hands of a good obstetrician belong in the pockets of his white coat.

Prof. Ernst Bumm
(*1858; †1925), German gynecologist and obstetrician

Child birth is a unique experience in a couple‘s life, and it should be perceived as such by midwives and obstetricians.

It is of utmost importance to understand child birth as a natural process. A healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy child form a self-functioning system that should not be disturbed by any means - unless medically required - during child birth.

According to the motto "Less is more!", it is our task to stand by the expectant mother, support her and supervise the course of labor. The fact is that the more you intervene into a self-contained system, the more you unbalance it.

Therefore we generally refrain from performing procedures by routine, but rather decide case-by-case together with the mom-to-be, on how to proceed.

For example, we

  • don't do an enema
  • don't do an episiotomy
  • don't shave the pubic area

unless there is an obvious reason to do so.

We want to offer the mom-to-be a safe environment, where she can give birth to her baby in a calm and peaceful setting. In the Hospital HM Nuevo Belén we occupy three delivery rooms which were completely reconstructed in summer 2013. In each of the rooms you will find a comfortable bathtub in which water births can take place.

All medical equipment of the clinic and staff is available to us, in case a medical procedure should be necessary. Neonatologists as well as anesthesiologists are also available at all times. Therefore if needed, we are prepared for all common procedures that modern medicine can provide.

Our services include

  • prenatal care
  • assistance in labor and delivery
  • cesarean section
  • postnatal check-up
  • home visits (midwifes)
  • lactation consultations

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