Jonathan Ahladas

JonathanI was born (1973) and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (the birthplace of basketball), a small city located between Boston and NYC in beautiful New England. My older brother and parents still reside in Springfield, and my older sister and her family in nearby Connecticut. My roots, however, extend back to the Mediterranean, as both my paternal and maternal grandparents immigrated from Greece.

After graduating from high school in 1991, I went on to study sports medicine and exercise physiology at the University of Connecticut. After receiving my Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in 1995, I worked for two years at both an outpatient physiotherapy practice and an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, where it became clear to me that conventional rehabilitation was not my calling. I decided to further my education, and so in 1997, went on to graduate school at Springfield College (MA). Three and a half years later I received a Master of Science (MS) in physical therapy.

Upon finishing graduate school in 2000, I was presented with the incredible opportunity and privilege of working directly with and learning under the guidance of the very developer of Integrative Manual Therapy, the specialized branch of osteopathic manual therapy upon which I base my practice. I reflect back on that experience with sheer gratitude, as it has influenced and shaped me personally and professionally.

As magic and fate should have it, I “coincidentally” met my future Spanish wife while in graduate school, and so in 2003, followed my heart to zestful and sunny Madrid. We have two beautiful young boys, the oldest of which was born in Madrid, and the youngest in Seville. They are the light of my life and who allow me to maintain my youthful spirit. I enjoy traveling (anywhere), all things food and culinary, playing in the ocean, hiking and mountain biking, gardening, and urban street photography.

The roots of my clinical practice are based in Integrative Manual Therapy, a unique and proprietary fusion of of osteopathic manual therapy and bioenergetics. I have expanded and complemented my training in manual medicine with various complementary healing approaches such as Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, NAET, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Yuen Method, Sintergetica and Reiki.

“ALIGNMENT - MOVEMENT - BALANCE”, are the three principles which I believe to be the basis of healing and well-being and is the motto upon which I base my practice. As a practitioner, I view my role as someone who will respectfully facilitate you through your own personal process, with the ultimate objective of reaching your personal goals and realizing your innate potential.


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