I'm interested in women's health because I'm a woman. I'd be a darn fool not to be on my own side.

Maya Angelou
(*1928), American poet and civil rights activist

Women's health is a many-sided specialty. On the one hand, physical findings have to be clarified, perhaps acute or chronic complaints have to be alleviated. On the other hand, we try to see and recognize each and every woman as an individual through our holistic approach. In many cases, physical discomfort can not be separated from the emotional well-being of a patient.

It is our aim to give our patients as much information as possible in order to enable them to take autonomous decisions regarding their own health.

The diversity of the field becomes also evident by looking at the different age groups of our patients. In young women puberty, the onset of the menstruation cycle and later contraception and family planning become the main topics. During that period, annual check-ups provide the opportunity to discuss these issues with a gynecologist. At some point the changing caused by the approaching menopause needs attention. A woman's life is so dynamic and has to face many changes - partly based on the aging process.

Our services include

  • gynecological cancer screening and breast check-up (annual check-up)
  • consultation for girls in puberty
  • consultation for family planning and contraception
  • infertility diagnostics
  • consultation and treatment in menopause complaints
  • consultation for HPV-vaccination
  • gynecological surgery
  • acupuncture
  • anthroposophical medicine
  • psychosomatic medicine
  • psychotherapy (psychodynamic approach)

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