Estela Arjonilla Fernández

Estela I was born in Madrid in 1975 and have a brother three years older than me. I am licensed in Law and licensed in Dance. Furthermore I am a Sports Technician.

For 24 years I have been teaching classes both for individuals and groups: dance to smaller girls, fitness to marathoners and ironmen, as well as recovery exercise for injuries, baby swimming, padel, abs, bodypump.

In 1995 I specialized in London and Madrid in the Pilates Method. Since I have adapted this technique to new influences and my main interest is to maintain health through sports. I have adapted to the new trends that are appearing throughout all the years and I always take them into account, such as "TRX" and "RIP".

In 2005, I became very interested in the effect of nutrition on our health, giving it all the importance it deserves and I am currently in continuous research and application. That motivates me to write articles about health and exercise as well as makes me read different kinds of literature in that field.

I have been married since 2009 and have two children, who were born in 2011 and 2014.


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