Cristina Rodríguez

CristinaI was born in Asturias (Spain) in 1985. I got certified as nurse in 2006 and started my formation as midwife in 2007.

The formation as a midwife naturally happens in the very medical environment of a teaching hospital. My experience during these two years at a university hospital made my realize how the professionals who are involved in a labor – midwifes and obstetricians – can destroy the beautiful experience of one's labor by performing unnecessary interventions, by causing unnecessary anxiety and by following routines and protocols just for the sake of it. Thereby they often deprive the mom-to-be of the joy of that unique moment in her and her baby's life.

Therefore I tried to follow the approach of what is commonly called “the natural birth” and was finally able to enjoy labors of little intervention. Observing the magic and the amazing energy that were released in each of these labors was what I had been looking for.

After getting certified as a midwife I promised myself to change things for myself: I would find work in a small hospital where I for sure would be able to empower women and support them in giving birth in their way and their pace. In a couple of cases I was able to achieve exactly that, but in many more cases I had to fight against the obsolete protocols. Finally I decided to find a place where women would be respected and the beautiful moment of a labor cherished.

I moved to Edinburgh (Scotland) and started to attend home births with other midwifes. I learned a lot during that time and am very grateful for every single experience I had. After a couple of months I returned to Spain and attended again home births. But only when I gave birth to my first child at home, surrounded by love and by that magical energy, I really got to understand the power of labor.

During three years I was attending natural labors in a birth house in Lima (Peru). In Lima I received training in music therapy, respectful pedagogy and podal reflexology. I had my second child giving birth at home again. In 2014 I moved with my family to Venezuela where I lived for more than a year. I kept working as a midwife attending home births and worked as lactation consultant. In Venezuela I received the training as prenatal yoga teacher.

Since my return to Madrid I have been accompanying women who are looking to have a natural birth by giving them information, empathy, support, a positive mindset and tranquility. That is my understanding of taking care of a woman during pregnancy, labor and post-labor.

To enable a woman to understand her power and to respect her decisions is the best way to support her. She should be the one taking the decisions for her labor.


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