Belén Rico García

BelenI was born in Madrid in 1964 and studied Sociology and Political Science at the Complutense University of Madrid. As a psychoanalyst I was trained at the University Pontificia of Comillas.

After years of working in economics, I felt the strong urge to make a radical change in my professional life. I decided to leave the business world and to become a psychoanalyst. All these years of working as a psychoanalyst and of being an active member of the European Foundation for Psychoanalysis based in Paris, have been years of unstoppable personal growth, courses, lectures, conferences and publications.

Psychoanalysis is a way of understanding one's life in the context of one's uniqueness. It enables us to avoid what blocks us and embrace what stimulates us.

Suddenly I found myself doing theater, writing books, reconciling, integrating,... ultimately, I found myself growing personally. In that sense a whole world of unexplored potentials for me to discover had appeared. At first working through psychoanalysis was a change of my career, later it became what changed my whole life.


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